Monday, July 6, 2020

Isa Basu Escorts

Hello, so far I have fucked escorts 10 times.

I would say that I will not do it again but I will definitely share my experience because it might be useful for you.

The first time I did was because I never had sex in my entire life and I had crossed 28 years so it was in my bucket list to at least experience sex once. So, I prepped for the d-day, I exercised a good one hour that day, ate less and when the time was near I went to her place and it took me around 2hrs to reach her place and by the time I reached her apartment I was little tired and on the top of that when she opened her door, I was like what the shit this girl doesn't look like the pictures that are displayed on the website, she was the very sexy and one good thing about her was her ass.

 But, after some resistance I thought of giving her a try and then we started talking and after 30 mins she said do you wanna remove pants I was bit resistant but then I agreed, she started touching my penis and then there was a sudden sensation, I asked her will you give me BJ, to which she agreed and she said but only in condom and I said fine. I never found BJ interesting while watching porn videos but believe me after getting one from her I was turned on like a hell and then I wanted more, so she gave me BJ for 10 mins and then I wanted somemore positions, so I told her I want girl on top, to which she agreed and we did that as well and then my time was over, I was like what the hell just happened I want some more, so I paid her extra and tried missionary and doggy style as well and then I finally relaxed, and after some time we had little snacks as we both were hungry at that time and then I left her place. And while traveling back home my thoughts were running up and down but I was relaxed like I was in heaven.

So, these are a few tips I would like to share with you from all my experiences.

Never believe the pics that you see on escort websites.
Never be late as they consider that their time is from that moment and will charge you that accordingly, so you can't say but I came late.
Visit some escort review sites, where punters review escorts so that you will get handy experience before seeing that girl, that whether she is worth your time or not.
During incall do check your surroundings so that there is no hidden camera of something.
During outcall tell her to come in casual clothes as people do stare a lot when they wear such revealing clothes.
And in the last, I would say do whatever you want.


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